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Welcome to the family of The best diamond painting

We have the highest quality 5D Best Diamond Paintings Sets that relieve your stress and take you into the world of dreams and fantasies.

Our diamonds bring shimmering and shiny effects into your life. For beginners there is Flowers Diamond Paintings . We also have a wide range of collections such as Animals Diamond Painting, Christmas Diamond Paintings, Nature Diamond Painting, Birds Diamond Painting and many more!

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a creative activity similar to painting by numbers. The only difference is that we use sparkling diamonds to paint the picture on the canvas. It is a mix of paint by numbers and cross stitch.

Simply put, you need to apply colored diamond resins or β€œdrills” to the printed canvas with an applicator or pen.

Why choose diamond painting?

Research has shown that any artistic hobby relieves us of depression and stress and has a positive psychological effect, improving our focus and making us feel more relaxed and calm. It lets us be more productive after a diamond painting creative session.
Many Diamond Painting artists have reported reduced levels of anxiety after indulging in this addictive but satisfying hobby. Not only that, it saves us from the evil of the tech devices and screens that surround us.

Tips for diamond painting

🌣 Unpack your Diamond Painting Kit from Painting Diamonds So what should you expect with your diamond painting kit? Well, quite a few goodies depending on where you buy the kit, but it should have the following:

Rolled Canvas - the board on which you will add the diamonds and maybe even frame them later. When you receive your 5D Diamond Painting Kit, it will come rolled up with all the tools and diamonds you need to create your masterpiece. Before you start you need to flatten the canvas. Place a square, heavy object on the canvas, you could use books, a laptop, anything with enough weight and a flat surface.
Resin Diamonds - You should get several packs of resin diamonds that have codes that directly correlate to the canvas (so you know where to place them). Pen drill (available in square or circular - depending on purchase) Wax - used to pick up the resin diamonds and apply them to the canvas Diamond Tray - Use the diamond tray to store and pick up your diamonds easily.

🌣 Clean surfaces are key Make sure you have a clean and flat surface to begin the therapeutic artistic adventure. We recommend a desk or table with enough space for all necessary parts and tools. The space you will need will depend heavily on the size of canvas you have purchased and as some of our pieces reach 100cm x 100cm you should plan your space in advance.
Quick Tip - Do not attempt this on carpet or other unstable surfaces. Trust us when we say this, the diamonds will go everywhere, and you'll likely pierce the canvas with the pen drill.

🌣 Start with one color Choose a solid color diamond and place a handful in your collection bowl. On some advanced/large parts you can add multiple colors as you are aiming for a full section with many colors at once.
Quick Tip - We usually recommend starting on the opposite side of your preferred hand. For example, if you are right-handed, we recommend starting with the bottom left corner of the canvas.

🌣 Place the diamonds in the bowl After choosing the diamond color you want to start with, make sure to add it to the diamond tray. When you have added a handful, be sure to shake the container slightly to allow the diamonds to fall well into the container grooves, allowing you to easily pick up the diamonds faceted side up.

🌣 Dip the tip of the Diamond Painting Pen into the wax The wax is used to pick up the diamond pieces, it's really important to pick up the pieces the right way round. Each kit comes with a wax stick, which contains a little more than you need. So don't worry about running out of wax as there's likely to be some left over at the end. Be sure to remove the plastic wrap from the wax to begin with - some waxes are not as obvious as a plastic wrap.
When you dip the drill pin into the wax, you must ensure that it penetrates the wax completely and fills the pin as much as possible.

🌣Pick up a diamond Press the tip of the pen drill onto the rounded side or grooved side of the diamond, the wax should help pick up the diamond and provide a strong hold on your canvas

🌣 Place your diamond Finally, it's time to place a diamond. If you bring it to the screen, your whole life has evolved up to this point and now is the time to create and step into that blissful therapeutic zone.
Before you begin, carefully peel off the plastic wrap from one side of the canvas. We recommend not removing the plastic sheeting until you are at least halfway through the page, as the canvas itself has an adhesive layer that you definitely don't want to get dust on. When applying, make sure you place the correct diamond that correlates with the canvas.

🌣 Repeat steps 5 through 7 So you've successfully placed a diamond on your canvas, good job! Now it's time to move on and step into your new happy place, diamond by diamond. Diamond paintings usually last from a few hours to days of relaxation and fun, depending on the size (remember we have canvases that are 100cm x 100cm - so this is very subjective).

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Round vs square diamonds - which is better and why?

So you've seen an opportunity to buy square drill bit or round drill bit options on our site The age old debate, well - ever since diamond art has existed, which is better, round or square diamonds, which one should I buy and why?

So which is better round than square? Well, the simple answer is that it depends. But wait, I'll try to explain why. Square drills offer a fuller, more complete looking diamond painting with less space between each diamond themselves, which subjectively gives a more complete look as they are square and easier to line up, making them look almost like a mosaic from a distance. It probably won't make much of a difference when it comes to buying square or round - square drill bits also give you a satisfying snapping sound and feel when assembling one square piece surrounded by another. You won't feel/hear this until you've applied a few depths, but sometimes it's the little things in life that give you the greatest satisfaction.

Quick Tip - Drill is just another word for diamond.

Round drill bits are much easier to use as they stick better to the diamond stylus, making pick and place on the canvas much more efficient. We usually recommend round drills for beginners, at least for the first or second canvas when working on the size and complexity of your canvases.
The painting can appear a little less full than the square drills, as can the illusion of very small gaps between each circle. Personally I wouldn't worry about it as it's just as much fun and the round bit makes it a little easier to get through.